Integrating with ‘internet of everything’

TRENDAFRiCA March 17, 2014
Do you remember life before the internet? Or how you lived without Google to answer your every question, even completing your questions? More importantly, have you imagined how we will be further integrated with the world wide web in another decade? Independent US thinktank, the Pew Research Center, has released a major internet project to commemorate this anniversary by looking at what our digital lives will be like in 2025, polling experts in a year-long project for 2014 that will look at everything from privacy to security and digital futures, net neutrality and the “internet of things”.
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TRENDAFRiCA 2014 TRENDS Annual launched

TRENDAFRiCA February 25, 2014
From Google Glass to the growth marijuana industry; telepathic and wearable technology; and Africa’s rising consumer - 2014 is turning out to be one of those potentially defining years in communication, consumer behaviour, technology, and for our continent. TRENDAFRiCA.co.za has published its first digital magazine, the TRENDAFRiCA 2014 TRENDS Annual, featuring the key mega trends and cultural indicators for 2014, in association with JWT Intelligence New York/South Africa. The publication is made possible by the headline sponsorship from Vuma Reputation Management. Media partners include MarkLives.com and Living Your Brand. Read the magazine online, print it, or download...
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