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TREND.Facts: March 28

TRENDAFRiCA March 28, 2013
James Hilton, M&C Saatchi Mobile founder and CEO, says mobile is the “new smoking”: “Mobile is a whole new channel: portable content to snackable content. It fills a void in life – maximises downtime on trains, planes. Mobile is the ‘new smoking’. Nowadays people pick up their mobile phone and engage.” There is in fact more power on your smartphone than the Apollo space mission had on the craft and on the ground, he says. “What upsets me most is when people call it a mobile phone – it is a mobile computer!”
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TREND.iNSIGHT: The First Screen

TRENDAFRiCA March 14, 2013
Incredibly, 2013 is the year that the number of mobile devices in circulation will reach 7 billion – more than the total number of humans on this planet. It is our “mobile moment” as a generation. We believe mobile is already the first screen for many of us and will be the first screen for most of the world’s population, particularly the way it is being integrated with television viewing. Yes, TV is still the first screen and mobile the second screen for many, particularly in their leisure time after hours. But it won’t be for long. With integration and further innovation in this space, there will be no difference as TV’s are integrated with our mobile phones and mobile devices include television. The most exciting part about this space is the constant innovation and creative thought that is changing how we communicate, but also solving real problems in healthcare, education and farming.
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