DAiLY TRENDS: 17 April

TRENDAFRiCA April 17, 2014

Teens dropping social nets for social apps

Data from a number of surveys suggests that teenagers are leaving social networks like Facebook in favor of social apps. The latest study comes from Project Tomorrow, a non-profit organisation in the US focused on digital technology for education. In 2013 just 30% of middle school students and 39% of high school students said they are maintaining a profile on a social networking site (read: Facebook). That’s a decrease of approximately 40% since 2009, the report notes. The drop in social network use has been accompanied by a rise in social apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, which are now used by 44% of students in grades 6-12. Text messaging is also on the rise, according to Project Tomorrow, used by two thirds of students in grades 6-12 in 2013, up 37% from 2008. Meanwhile 28% of middle school students said they are making and posting videos, and 12% said they have their own blog. 38% of this age group said they stream online TV shows, and 23% of middle school students regularly play massively multi-player online games.

It’s an instant, visual future, without a doubt.


“Arousing” new ice cream offers virility in every scoop

Created by self-proclaimed “edible inventor” Charlie Harry Francis, “arousal,” a new blue-colored ice cream might mean you never have to pop those little blue pills again. Francis was asked to create a Viagra-laced ice cream for a party for one of his A-list celebrity clients, according to his aptly named blog,  ”Lick Me I’m Delicious.”  Each scoop of the champagne-flavoured ice cream contained 25 mg of the well-known male enhancement drug – the same amount in the lowest dose of the drug.

There are no plans to go retail with it… yet!


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