DAiLY TRENDS: 28 March

TRENDAFRiCA March 28, 2014

The ‘Yummies’ are coming

Are Yummies (Young Urban Males) really “redefining the luxury retail landscape”? Once upon a time, older ladies represented the most sought-after demographic for companies like Burberry and Hugo Boss. Now there are Yummies—affluent, trend-conscious young men who would like you to know how affluent and trend-conscious they are. Source: Slate.com.

Priceless! Based on research from a bank no less.


Are watches timeless accessories?

So, if watches are superfluous, why do buyers keep spending thousands of dollars to slip them on their wrists? Source: New York Times.

Some lovely stories here.


‘That’ word trend that needs to go

There is a word for our meme-obsessed, self-aware age. It is ‘that’. Source: Slate.com.

< That.




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