TRENDAFRiCA March 6, 2014

Millennials matter

Millennials are urbanites and 62% prefer to live in mixed-use communities to be near shops, restaurants and offices. They founded the social media movement, but they are not definied by what’s on their Facebook pages. Source: Nielsen.

Important research: millennials are breaking the myths surrounding them all the time.


How tablets become a tool for marketers

About half the marketers participating in a study said they use tablets to show customers how their product works. B2B marketers were most likely to report successfully using tablets in sales to either walk through customer presentations or demo solutions to customers, per eMarketer, citing a study from Corporate Visions and SAVO. More than six in 10 respondents said they could perform these activities on a tablet. Source: Media Post.


Making social more human

One of the rarely discussed benefits of networking, perhaps because it’s less tangible, its rewards less apparent and wide-reaching, and its impact less glamorous, is the benefit of friendship. Source: SwitchandShift.com.

An inspirational story from two professionals who connected via Twitter.




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