DAiLY TRENDS: 21 February

TRENDAFRiCA February 21, 2014

What’s really behind the mega WhatsApp deal?

Here’s the real reason Facebook just paid $19 billion – almost 10% of its market cap – for WhatsApp: follow the photos! WhatsApp is on track to be a company with 1 billion users, says Mark Zuckerberg. And that is a company with 1 billion users with a high percentage returning daily and engaging principally around photos. Facebook has become the world’s most dominant, and resilient, social network by ensuring that it “owns” photos. Yesterday’s purchase shows they’re determined to maintain that dominance whatever the cost. Source: Pando.com

It’s an incredible story and well worth the read – and the others on this mega-tech deal. As they say, follow the money… to see where the trends are.

Why altruism will be crucial to the rise of a driverless city

Our driverless car future is supposed to bring fewer car accidents and fatalities, as well as the end of inexplicable, nonsensical traffic jams. But the ultimate payoff is bigger than that: a driverless city, where all-seeing computers are routing cars to maximise the efficiency of the system as a whole. And for that vision to be ultimately accepted it will take some sacrifices. Source: FastCoExist

10 start-ups to watch in 2014

Here’s a great Friday read to bookmark if you haven’t seen it already: 10 notable start-ups to watch this year. Source: Mashable.com

Once you get through the negative ‘tech crunch’ commentary, it’s a great article on 10 notable startups that seem to have the capital, talent and ideas necessary to succeed. And of course, the Facebook/What’sApp deal this week puts paid to any ‘tech crunch’ pessimism!


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