DAiLY TRENDS: 20 February

TRENDAFRiCA February 20, 2014

Hyperactive brands win African consumers

As a result of African consumers no longer willing to tolerate bland mass-marketing messages, Hyperactive brands all over the continent will increasingly capture these consumers attention with delightful, engaging, altruistic and empowering interactive initiatives and campaigns. 

How the ‘internet of things’ could make media physical again

We’re at a uniquely exciting time in the evolution of the internet of things where the technology is beginning to run ahead of the vision of designers. What comes next is figuring out how to make the re-physicalisation of media useful—and perhaps even elegant—instead of merely a curiosity.

Fascinating article!

Six trends that will shape consumer behaviour this year

2014 looks set to be a year of demanding more. When we look at the small cultural shifts that beckon change–the emerging behaviours that are just reaching the mainstream–it seems that consumers are going to expect more than ever. 



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