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TRENDAFRiCA January 23, 2014

Publishing Editor of TREND., Louise Marsland, was interviewed on internet radio station, Ballz Radio on her marketing communications trends for 2014.

Ballz Radio hosts a daily business show sponsored by FNB, called The Business.

“TREND.s are often obvious and logical, they are not fads that come and go. TREND.s span years and get added to by many new drivers and memes each year… My trends have been informed by my own research, as well as the 2014 TREND.s Annual I am producing in collaboration with JWT Intelligence and local anthropologist, Dr Inka Crosswaite, which will be out early February 2014,” says Marsland.

These are her top two marketing communications trends for 2014:

 1.       MOBILITY

Everything is mobile. Technology is integrating into our lives through wearable technology: Google Glass is the most famous example right now. Smartwatches are following and making watches a desirable object again, not only a fashion statement, but functional device. Some are predicting that “phablets” a meshing of phone and tablet will replace tablet devices over time as the mobile devices of choice.


Coca Cola’s 20/20 Content vision, published for all to see, set a new standard for brands. Coke is collaborating with anyone who comes up with an idea to build the brand, and ultimately sell more product: from fashion designers to artists to actors. They even have a Coke menswear line now. Look at their mission to own “happiness”, they had to have had behavioural psychologists on board for that.

To own the hearts of the consumer, brands have to provide experiences, add value to the customer’s lives. It is no longer just about selling stuff people need or want. Even banks have had to do it.

Incredible Connection in South Africa has recently rebranded with the roll out of high fashion stores as part of their new brand identity and marketing strategy. Because they know they need to help consumers experience and understand the products, not just sell them stuff.

* To listen to the full interview, go to Ballz Radio.


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