Where did the time go?!

TRENDAFRiCA November 22, 2013

By Grant Shippey, CEO, Amorphous

Five hours dabbling on your phone (not talking) vs four and a half hours gawking at the telly… Does that kinda sound like your day?

According to a new study on media trends from eMarketer, Americans have crossed the digital rubicon in two particular areas:

  1. They spend more time gazing into phones and tablets than desktop PC’s.
  2. Americans are spending more time online than they are in front of the TV!


So what does the mean?

We all know media consumption is on the rise, but what is interesting is that their habits over the last three years have remained roughly the same with the exception of mobile, which has increased substantially. Sure newspaper and magazine’s share of eyeballs has waned, but the overall time spent on media has grown just under 20%.

The challenge

Smartphone users stare into their phones 150 times a day, searching the ether for updates, These people are not just the pimply face youth or the ultra rich folk… It’s you and me.

The ad Industry needs to acknowledge that the mobile age is here.

We really need to raise our collective game and harness the medium. The audience has added mobile to their daily consumption routines and we as an industry are doing little to nothing about it.

With 30 million mobile users in South Africa one would think that mobile advertising would have surpassed the small home loans ad at the bottom of my already popular mobile favorite game.


Source: Amorphous New Media is a digital media agency in South Africa providing digital marketing, online strategy, web design, application development and other internet services





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