Media planners need to ‘get it’

TRENDAFRiCA July 23, 2013

By Grant Shippey

So big data and big analytics are running rampantly through product development lifecycles, championing objectivity and applicability… why is it then not running rampantly through marketing and advertising plans?

“We measure more, we measure more things.” they cry. But how has this changed behavior: the buying behaviour of advertising planners, buyers, and spenders?

The connected few (about 10 million of us now) have a second screen and most probably a third screen in our hands for about six hours a day (obligatory iPhone usage number here). The Apple App store is over five years old! Google was founded in freaking nineteen ninety eight and still our South African spends are pitifully paltry.

Stuck stuck stuck… Rigidly clinging onto yesteryear like a Yellow Pages salesman.

The trend is sad.

The trend is that spend is moving in a treacle-slow limping gate towards mobile and connected devices.

The trend is that we keep doing it wrong. We keep not measuring the results versus the medium. We keep not measuring which elements of the campaign are working. We persist in sending one message to an entire target market as if they are a homogenous unconsidered mass.

We keep offering the same thing in different spaces. We don’t localise. We don’t fraternise. We don’t compromise.

I don’t understand! Do we just have our heads in the sand – loamy-manure-rich sand? Do we believe somehow that we can still reach individuals in a massively fragmenting one-way channel?

Get it. Get it now!


Source: A rant by TREND.spotter Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous, a Times Media Company. Amorphous is a marketing agency, led by technology and passion.


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