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TRENDAFRiCA May 14, 2013

The majority of US consumers do not like random ads online, latest research indicates.

According to MediaPost.com, a new study by Zogby Analytics for the US Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), shows that 40.5% of respondents chose targeted ads, while another 27.6% were content to see both. Only 16.1% preferred random ads, with 15.8% unsure.

In the study, nine in 10 respondents said that free content like news, weather, email, blogs and videos are either extremely (68.7%) or somewhat (28.6%) important to the overall value of the internet.

While, 75.4% of respondents would rather get free ad-supported content, compared to 9.3% who would rather pay for ad-free content.

Almost six in 10 respondents said an online ad had at some point helped them find an offer or product they wouldn’t otherwise have known about. When asked “… has an internet ad ever helped you find an offer or product that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about?…”, 58.5% said yes, 25.8%, no, and 15.7% said “… not sure”.

And 42.1% of respondents reported having purchased a product because they saw or clicked on an online ad – but that was fewer than the 46.3% who said they had never done so. The remainder were unsure. 50.2% reported saving money or time  because of an online advertisement, though 37.2% said “no”.

Three in four respondents believe they should be the ones making choices about what sorts of ads they see and how they’re generated, while 11.3% feel the company that makes their browser software should choose, and ‘9.4% think the ‘government’ should choose. Concurrently, 61.5% don’t trust the government to trust how internet advertising is delivered, while 17.8% do.

Identity theft is respondents’ biggest concern about the Internet, followed by viruses and malware:

  • Identity theft 38.7%
  • Viruses and malware 33.5%
  • Government surveillance 12.3%
  • Behaviourally targeted advertising 4.4%

Lastly, 41.1% of respondents believe that if a major internet browser were to make it harder for companies to display advertising to users, the impact will be that they will have access to less free content. A similar proportion, though, believe that it either wouldn’t have any effect (27.8%) or that it would result in access to more free content (8.7%).

SOURCE: MediaPost.com

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