TREND.Facts: March 15

TRENDAFRiCA March 15, 2013

The results of a recent global survey make it clear that most people are not just aware of the dangers lurking beneath the surface of social networking but are also concerned about them. A majority of respondents (55%) worry that technology is robbing us of our privacy, and 6 in 10 think people are wrong to share so many of their personal thoughts and experiences online; they believe that, as a society, we need to reestablish our privacy boundaries. Around a third of the sample already regret things they have posted online: 33% regret things they’ve posted about themselves, and 29% regret things they’ve posted about a friend or family member. Given their own regrets, it’s not surprising that nearly half the sample (47%) worry that friends or family will share personal information online about them that they don’t want to be made public.

Source: Havas Worldwide Prosumer report, 2012


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