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TRENDAFRiCA March 14, 2013

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The Future’s Digital. The Future’s Mobile-First

What mobile represents to us today and in the future, is fundamentally the most important opportunity for any business to connect with its consumers in a genuine and relevant way by providing a far more deeper and personalised engagement if done correctly. It is no longer good enough to think of the mobile channel as an afterthought, another passing fad or just simply watching this space and see what happens.

Mobile is much more than another digital channel or device, there is universal agreement amongst CMO’s that mobile is a genuine game-changing opportunity for their business and no more so than in Africa which is undoubtedly a mobile-first continent.

“It is the most significant digital channel that must run through the heart of your marketing and digital strategy seamlessly with the ability to interact across every single touch point TTL. It is arguably the most important DNA strand in the digital eco-system says Prakash Patel, CEO Prezence Digital.

However, it is recognised amongst most companies and CMO’s, that we are still in the infancy stage and we have a long journey ahead of us. Which is truthful, but there is sound help and expertise available and most importantly the consumers are ready and wanting. It is just unfortunate that quite often their experience with some brands is one of trial and error due to lack of experience; learning’s and their one size fits all approach (like we experienced in the early days of website sites looking like brochure sites and not knowing our local market handset type)… its about mobilising the masses, not the minority.

So get started on this mobile journey and put it firmly onto your priority list (like social media was only a few years back), as consumer’s expectations, needs and demands are growing.

Brands need to think beyond traditional and even just tradigital, and give the mobile channel the same respect (if not more) as all other channels. They need to start with a clear mobile strategy,  that is underpinned by their business objectives and KPI’s, combined with an understanding of the local mobile channel and target market. Once they have mobilised, they need to user knowledge constantly measure the channels performance against their KPI’s and make on-going improvements to ensure the highest return on investment.


Mobilising the masses in South Africa since 2005

Prezence Digital have earned the reputation over the years as the leaders in creating effective solutions for the multiple mobile channels, by helping leading brands innovate with clear mobile strategies and executions, seamlessly integrated into the bigger marketing and digital eco-system. Prezence Digital haven’t just started the journey but are established players and innovators leading the way based on international best practice and invaluable worldwide practical experience and success, underpinned by its bespoke innovative products like. Responsive ‘Handset Content Adaptation’ (HCA), that allows any mobile content to be displayed correctly automatically on any handset from feature phone to smartphone (in-fact over 9,500+ handsets) and development capabilities onto all mobile platforms and technologies.

To help kick start your mobile presence in 2013, here are the top tips as tweets from @PrezenceDigital thought leaders in the mobi-channel when considering your mobile-web strategy:

1. Context
Context is KING, understand your target audience, their situations & deliver the content suited to their circumstance

2. Relevance
Understand that a mobile user’s needs are different to a web user & then offer relevant functionality accordingly

3. Usefulness
Always deliver core (and not watered down) functionality that should be engaging and makes it easy to transact and convert

4. Mobilise not miniaturise
Shrinking your website won’t do. Redesign & restructure so that relevant content & functionality is easy to find

5.Responsive Design
Responsive design is a methodology, not a technology. Note: HTML5 is only an enabler to responsive design, not the answer.

6. Speed
Page Size Matters. Most Mobile users won’t wait more than 5 seconds and an optimized mobile site is better for mobile SEO

7. Measurement
Mobile Measurement is more than just analytics. Measuring engagement against clear objectives & KPIs is critical for ROI

8. Constant Evolution
Mobile is constantly evolving! Getting into mobile is just the beginning, listen to your users and adapt to their needs

9. Usability
Usability is not just design. Factor in the device size, audience, context, functionality, relevance & personalization

10. Discoverability & Promotion
Consider Discoverability & Promotion. Can a user guess or Google your site? Push users to your site via display ads & SMS

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