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TRENDAFRiCA March 14, 2013

A TREND. iNSIGHT report compiled by TREND. Publishing Editor Louise Marsland (@trendlives) brought to you in association with: Prezence Digital & M&C Saatchi Mobile.







1. Snapshot: Mobile moment
1. #TREND.ing
2. The second internet revolution
3. The Future’s Digital. The Future’s Mobile-first
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4. Numbers game
5. The problem with mobile marketing
6. It’s all about content
7. The Year Ahead For Mobile
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8. Mobile Africa
9. Hacking the digital eco-system
10. Predictive personalisation
11. T-commerce
11. Are you ready for the ‘smobile’ web?
12. ‘Fang Bang Lit’
12. Marketer’s ‘dream app’
13. Sources

Mobile lead

Snapshot: Mobile moment

Four years ago I wrote a mobile feature for the trade magazine which I was editor of at the time, referring to mobile as ‘the fourth screen’ – after the TV, desktop computer, cinema screens. We had no idea of what was to come.

The advent of social media and tablet mobile devices, coupled with the integration of digital strategy, including mobile, into marketing plans and enterprise-wide applications – driven by the exponential uptake of the technology among consumers – has transformed the way we communicate, shop, move money, interact with entertainment, and so on and so on.

Four years ago we excitedly talked about the “always on, always on the consumer” device despite the fact that all brands could really do was spam people with sms or USSD messages. Again, we had no conception of how smartphones and the tablet and e-readers would begin to transform our media consumption habits, including how social media would be integrated into our lives.

Just this past festive season, a huge boom in online retailing was recorded in developed countries globally, as the full effect of widespread tablet use became apparent. Shopping online is clearly a more pleasurable experience on the high quality tablets and digital pundits are now talking about tablet specific sites, along with mobile and web specific sites to ensure you reach your audience in the best possible way.

Others are advocating one content strategy, one site, one URL through responsive design.

The questions we raised with this study, were whether marketers were doing enough with mobile; whether mobile is being properly integrated into brand campaigns; what is the key to great mobile content and creative; and where the opportunities lie for brands in the future? What will be the next tipping point for mobile?

Incredibly, 2013 is the year that the number of mobile devices in circulation will reach 7 billion – more than the total number of humans on this planet. It is our “mobile moment” as a generation.

We believe mobile is already the first screen for many of us and will be the first screen for most of the world’s population, particularly the way it is being integrated with television viewing. Yes, TV is still the first screen and mobile the second screen for many, particularly in their leisure time after hours. But it won’t be for long. With integration and further innovation in this space, there will be no difference as TV’s are integrated with our mobile phones and mobile devices include television.

The most exciting part about this space is the constant innovation and creative thought that is changing how we communicate, while also solving real problems in healthcare, education and farming.

Mobile man


  1. The First Screen: mobile, from phones to tablets, is set to replace television as the first screen of choice for entertainment, communication, comment, interaction, gaming and socialising.
  2. The 2nd Internet Revolution: mobile has created a massive paradigm shift in communication as the cellphone transitions into a computer.
  3. Mobile Moment: this is the first year that the number of mobile devices in circulation will outnumber the human population, reaching 7 billion mobile devices in 2013.
  4. Responsive Design: one digital eco-system for brands, one content strategy, not a multiple of different sites for each device, feature or smart.
  5. Hacking Reality: much of mobile innovation is being driven by the need to improve life in developing economies in Africa and Asia.
  6. Mobile Money: the mobile phone as a wallet and bank.
  7. Convergence Communications: the mash up between mobile and television will spawn a new way of consuming entertainment, news and user engagement and feedback.
  8. T-commerce: tablets drove an online shopping surge over the 2012 festive season, globally, and will lead to an e-commerce boom worldwide.
  9. 24/7 Campaigns: the future of mobile marketing is video, loyalty schemes and 24/7 campaigns.
  10. Simplify: marketers need to create new brands for the digital space and simplify existing brand equity to compete.
  11. Big Data: making sense of the data to deliver real relevance to digital marketing campaigns.
  12. Storytelling: digital content is all about storytelling and great content. Still is. Even more so with mobile.

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