7 social networks to watch in 2013

TRENDAFRiCA January 25, 2013

Fortune magazine has posted a list of the seven social networks that might be the next big thing in 2013:

1. The Pheed social network launched last October to give its users, who are mostly celebrities, musicians and entertainers, the opportunity to monetise their “pheeds”. Monthly subscriptions range from $1.99 to $34.99 and in return subscribers can access media rich content including photos, video and live broadcasts. Early celeb adopters are Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton.

2. Thumb: Need help deciding what to wear, eat or buy? Thumb users are invited to upload pictures and pose questions to crowdsource public opinion.

3. Medium is invitation-only and is serious about content, publishing only content that “move humanity forward”.

4. Conversations is basically ‘Facebook’ for the office from Hootsuite, where workers can communicate more effectively than via email or long-winded meetings.

5. Chirpify is tweet commerce and Chirpify can be used to fundraise, pay friends or buy and sell products online – all via Twitter and a tweet. No credit cards. Chirpify takes 5%.

6. Flayvr is your scrapbook assistant, organising your photos and videos in albums to share on social networks and email, including organising photos on your smartphone.


7. Chirp. A clever app that allows messages and photos to be shared from mobile to mobile. The transmitting phone emits a “squeak”, which other phones “hear”, triggering them to download the message or photo being sent. The content can then be shared over loudspeakers at meetings or even embedded in YouTube videos or TV programs, creating opportunities for brands and marketers, the magazine reports.


Source: Fortune; Wallblog.co.uk




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