TREND.Facts: Jan 23

TRENDAFRiCA January 23, 2013

Social media and always-on access to the internet means that companies are able to capture mountains of data about their customers. 2013 will be the year which challenges organisations to work out what to do with all the “big data” they have at their disposal. Marketers, being equipped with all this data  have the opportunity to take personalisation to the next level -  with the insights they can uncover in this data, they can better understand the needs of their customers; predict consumer behaviour; and ultimately, personalise, refine and optimise marketing to each customer’s desires, behaviours and interests. Look out for: the true data analyst will have one of the most coveted skills sets on the market since companies will need them to make more sense of the customer journey.


Source: Stephanie Houslay, general manager at Acceleration Media

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