TREND. 2013 trends collaboration with Ornico

TRENDAFRiCA December 14, 2012

Ornico partnered with TREND. to launch its TREND. Annual to clients this year, giving a comprehensive 2013 futurecast for brands and marketers.

Ornico Group CEO Oresti Patricios says in his foreward to the trends PDF document, that knowing how to identify trends plays a crucial role in helping brands to navigate environments, and in deciding what movements, fashions or behaviours could be important.

Drawn from sources both locally and globally, the Ornico TREND. 2013 Annual quotes TwinEngine on everything going social… They predict that social media platforms will continue to evolve, with Twitter moving closer to the newsroom of the future; LinkedIn evolving and growing from its HR focus to brand building for companies as LinkedIn endorsements gain momentum. Pinterest will become a key player in social shopping; as gifts transform Facebook and paid ads shift to paid content. Facebook will begin to move into social search; as YouTube gains reputation as a key search tool.

These are TwinEngine’s specific social trends:

1. Social Media Marketing gains impact as a key marketing tactic.

2. Marketing turns upside down – consumers become the marketers.

3. Social influence moves beyond ‘like’ to incentivise driven recommendations.

4. Marketing grows enterprise wide and can no longer sustain being a ‘department’.

5. Discounts and giveaways will incentivise social sharing of branding content.

6. Social media impacts business infrastructures – siloed communication systems are challenged.

7. Social channels integrate and align.

8. Rise of Augmented Reality –visualisation over data.

9. Media spend shifts from display to paid and sponsored content.

10. Social Reputation Management drives ‘Do Good’ campaign strategies.

11. The dawn of social TV – where viewers comment and share during airtime.

12. Social commerce driven by recommendations -  rapid growth in digital wallets.

13. SEO shifts – less focus on tricks and more on good online marketing.

Ornico & TREND. 2013 TREND. Annual PDF – 4meg

 Source: Ornico Group

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