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TRENDAFRiCA November 21, 2012

Is there a day marketers should be advertising on? And which day is the best?

If marketers want to make their budgets work as efficiently as possible, then their advertising should appear on Tuesday at the earliest and Friday at the latest.

Why? Because most shopping takes place on the weekend.

Buyers plan their shop and mostly do this two or three days before. So the most efficient timing for advertising is Wednesday or Thursday – that’s when the majority of shopping radar is on and really strong, says John Bowles, joint managing director, National Advertising Bureau (NAB), quoting Roots research.

NAB’s Roots consumer survey, one of the biggest in the country, which focuses on purchase decision-makers, takes place every two years. Roots 2013 will be released early in 2013.

According to the survey, which focuses on purchasing decision makers (PDM’s) only, these are the habits of the urban shopper:

  1. Urban South African shoppers do most of their grocery shopping on the weekends (65%). A further 18% mull between the weekends and the week itself.
  2. Just 17% of SA’s urban shoppers choose to shop during the week.
  3. Over 60% of shoppers always plan before a big shop and a further 26% sometimes plan the shop.
  4. Only 14% of SA’s urban purchasing decision makers don’t plan their shopping.
  5. For advertisers, the good news is because over 85% of buyers are thinking about buying before they shop, they’re mentally in a buying situation and if you can reach them in this zone, your chances of being considered and thought of are far greater.
  6. Most shoppers (64%) are planning their shopping trip two to three days before they shop.
  7. A further 33% of consumers plan within the week and only 3% plan a week before or more.

Marketers and retailers need to ‘fan the furnace’ with advertising because shoppers buy all the time. Budgets are limited but marketers should be reaching the market weekly at best, monthly at worst, advises Bowles.

Source: John Bowles, joint managing director, NAB, Roots 2010




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